Saturday, October 23, 2010

UMNO : chinese and indians are getting too much ?!

[from Ninjaassain] Today morning I read about the UMNO meeting that just held recently, when I saw the title that written “ Bumiputra should hold 60% of wealth in Malaysia, but not the non-bumi” shocking.gif , “non-bumi company if want to listing in Bursa Malaysia, then should sell their 30% of company share to bumiputra and privileges aspects ”, “UMNO represents request our country leader assist in strengthening the bumiputra advantages, so that they can fight with other races in a [B]FAIR platform, economy and business aspects”, and one represent from Melaka says that “ Non-bumi are not true friends and not assisting and supporting the NEP”.[/B] ( IMHO, Malays already getting the privileges in most of the things for more than 50 years, but still cannot develop and improve, then what’s the problem? Now request even more in assisting them to get the wealth and economy control from other races with politic ways and government helps, don’t u guys feel shame?
Other than that, some are about the wealth in the country should be equally distribute among the residents according to the race percentage, that’s means bumiputra should get 67% of the wealth, non-bumi 33%.
Sharizat says, according to the race percentage, Malay hold the 60% of country wealth totally not a big problem, and request Chinese and Indian not take away their BIG CAKE OF WEALTH. Malaysia got 60% Malays, 30% Chineses and 10% Indians, but Malays only holding 6% of the country wealth, Chinese 74% and Indians 19%. And she said according to the quantity of ppl and the distribution of wealth, Its not equal. And Malays request or ask for getting the 60% of wealth drool.gif , its not much actually! ( IMHO, she is stupid! Quantity doesn’t mean quality, if u really want the wealth then fight for it, not jealous of other wealthy and ask for it with politic ways or some unfair laws that previously made.) She also said ‘if non malays keep request for equal treatment and advantages, she will propose and request the government to remove the non-malays positions in politic and so on. icon_idea.gif
Okay~, actually I got no problem socialize and mix around with my Malays friends in my school time and now working, actually they are quite friendly and good though, and I am not hate them when together with them. But when I think of Malays got special treatment icon_question.gif from the government since they born, good school and well equip, bonus mark for exams, double standard in government exams, pocket money few hundred ringgit in asrama penuh, free tuition, free these and that, scholarship from JPA, quota in getting into Universities or any colleges, no matter local or oversea, most of the things they got privileges in EDUCATION; after that, they do business, government give them financial and facilities support icon_question.gif , education and seminar to guide them, can do business without permit also at roadside, Chinese and Indian sure not allowed, will get summon, getting house and shop lot for cheaper price compare to non bumi, and now companies listing in BURSA Malaysia also need MALAY to have 30% of share, that’s mean good thing must share with Malays although they not even help you anything in your business~. They just ask for it. But I feel like ROB in a politic ways! vmad.gif See, Malays got privileges in ECONOMY and BUSINESS; Politic then u can read yourself, UMNO is the strongest, bcos they got the most men in quantity! Needless to say.
Now let analyse, Malays got privileges and advantages in education, economy and business, and politic as well, so so much more aspect that can’t list out in short time, huh~~… and yet, why are they still can’t compete with other races in economy wise? And now ask for more?(Pepsi trademark^^) they need more and more tongkatsssss icon_question.gif until when it will finish?
U know why I hate Malays , actually is because we, non-malays got unfair treatment from the country and government, a bit unfair is ok, bcos as they said, we are outsider, PENDATANG, but its not we are doing nothing, we assist them in economy wise! But now the government is getting serious and worst! I know why Malays hate Chinese, because they controlling the economy, mean they got more money, then other sure jealous.
My advises are, MALAYS please work hard to compete with others, not just other races in the country, but others in the world! And quantity doesn’t mean quality! sweat.gif Only will creating more problems… burden the government in assisting and special treatment, all cost money, and yet still complaining about NOT ENOUGH!!!! I WANT MORE MORE MORE, 60%!!! CHINESEs, please work harder flex.gif although u got no advantages since u born and no special treatment or at least fair treatment, accept that the world ain’t fair, especially in MALAYSIA. So, if all these continue and getting worst until u can’t accept already, move to other country! Trust me, Malaysia will be like Indonesia very soon… and Thailand and other countries nearby are doing better now! More freedom! INDIANs, although u got the least men, least advantages, worst treatment, but still gonna work hardest! To achieve what u didn’t get it for free!

Umno are just like a kids and keep do and say those brainless thing. Whole world and malaysians are admit UMNO are sucks like hell..Can umno try to understand us and do the thing that make sense TQ?! 991~

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