Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ipoh Parade - Sea Food Restaurant.(海鮮酒樓)

hey ipoh boy and girl.. i am lack of creative on blogging and now i like to blow about ipoh parade with my broken english again..xD.. as u know, parade is a heaven for sam tet , convents scol students last time.but now.. haiz there already become a horrible place and plenty of lala there...
lala zai.. lala means a type of seafood.. why we say lala zai lala mui... that mean their wear are very fishy.. they wear exaggeration just like going for stage and open concert. but we cant laugh on them ! why ?! because their wearing style are look like cover by italy gangster head. Forget this year or last year , many mini shop are open at parade top floor. Oh my god are coming after this, more and more lala are coming out, and u  can also see many race of lala at the parade heaven floor... but almost cina and malay lala.. they are rock and enjoy on walking.. hard wax their hair... awesome hairstyle.... i am seriously adore them very very very much. i hope 1 day i also can be a lala , because i saw them are full of confident that write on their lan jiao face, everytime everymoment i am asking myself why they are fucking confident always.. and that time i was blaming myself why i am poor and thinking the way to getting well on my study(something bullshitting that u no need to border about it xD)... and also set a goal for become a next bill gates... although this is impossible , but atleast i got a goal and dream.. but those lalal relli make me headache, why and why they are so confident and their walking step are just like dancing...are they feel they are handsome or cool than the whole world ? nowaday , very bad news to our those normal people, ipoh parade already become a lala heaven. if u are still insist on going to ipoh parade,  i will wish u good luck and remember to bring lemon tea there... because lemon can remove fishy smell..

if you ask me why i hate those lala , and i think u are getting wrong my msg. i love lala, i love parade..if no lala, we will getting less of joke...and our life going be meaningless... so , lala is very important to ipoh..
We Love Life , So We Love LaLa.

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