Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[日Soul] Superfly 音乐盛典

 Soul Rock J-pop Singer - Superfly . 991~




[大bang] 強攻日雜誌分享 ( Big Bang )

Big Bang , look forward to their comeback stage! 991~

[五五波] 西班牙國家打比 = 巴塞表演賽 ( Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid )

 Last day of November 2011 with Spain country derby. Barcelona Vs Real Madrid at nou camp. Xavi ,Villa ,Pedro and Jeffren who score their goals against Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos bad attitude make his fault on Puyol and Xavi after fail for defend David Villa assist a goal and score his 2 goals and Sergio also award for a red card. Real Madrid has buy plenty of good player this season but still fail to make a change of the country derby result again. A bad day for maniac today. 991~

Monday, November 29, 2010

[足球精神] 双 , 魔翼齐飞 无人能敌 (Bale / Lennon )

Totthenham Hotspur - Gareth Bale and Arron Lennon done their super comeback with 2-1 win Liverpool in second half. What can you say about this 2 player ? 991~

[紅魔鬼] 因果循環 - hea碧 (Berbatov)

5 Goal in 1 match after shearer , andy cole , defoe , another striker done this record again - Dimitar Berbatov , number 9 of manahcester united , scores his 5 goal at 1 match against Blackburn. 991~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

[波] 肥朗 之 加鎊減磅

Wayne Rooney , number 10 of Manchester united had sign a new contract with 250,000 pound a week. He is trying to find back his form since world cup 2010. 991~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[日崇韓] 日本時代雜誌. (SNSD)

Credit - Min Ming.
少女時代目前上各大日本雜誌掃圖. 991~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Big4] 主場蟲 , 地上王 之 請勿超速 !

Gareth Bale did his great performance again against Arsenal. He was unstoppable ! 991~

[倫敦打比] 雲加喜怒無常 之 膠樽受罪 ( Arsenal )

 London derby day , Arsenal leading 2 goal in 1st half , but give tott turn over 3 goal and win the match. Low quality and concentration arsenal players have played. Good luck again to arsenal ! 991~

Friday, November 19, 2010

[中國風] 自己堅稱現代小龍女. 彤彤 @ Lin Ke Tong (下)






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