Monday, October 25, 2010

2AM saint o'clock 凌晨兩點 @

我是今年開始留意2am , 之前有只聽過2pm的快歌. 2am是2pm的師弟,兩團的風格很不一樣,2pm著重在快歌舞蹈,2am著重在慢歌.2am裡的赵权和b.e.g的gain出演“我們結婚了”. 感動歌曲是他們的標榜,不多說了,直接給你們聽聽吧 !~ 991.
I started to look out this korea band '2am' since this year ,they also got a brother boy group "2pm" . The different of this 2 band is 1 focus on fast song and dance , and other 1 "2am" is focus on slow and love song. 2am member zhao quan was take participation at korea show " we are married " with gain from Brown Eye Girl. Share 2am new and famous songs to you all. 991 ~

成名曲 :Even i die , I cant let you go

因為 even i die 專輯大受好評,不久便堆出了 repackaged. [ I am wrong ]
Becoz of even i die album too great , so its company release repackaged
[I am wrong]

[新專集]企圖登上韓國流行歌冠軍 ! [Like Crazy]
New album for challenge korea pop champion. [Like Crazy]

第二波主打 [You wouldn't Answer My Calls ] 推薦!!
Second hit song from their new album . [You wouldn't answer my calls]

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