Saturday, October 30, 2010

國產野,冇好野... TM公司好好野

Today , my connection was suck and i pick up my handphone.. insert 100

TM : Selamat datang ke TM untuk bahasa malayu tekan 1 for english press 2
me : 2
TM : For service fault press 1 for internet press 2 for bla bla bla
me : 2
TM : TM inform certain area ............. upgrading , for billing enquiry press 1 for payment press 2 , for other  services press 3
me : 3
TM : Transfer to staff , Hi sir , you are calling tm net ( if not ? )
me : I like to ask why my internet connection so slow ?
TM : Sir , can i have your name ? (steady staff)
me : 991
TM : Mr.9 can i have your streamyx id ?
me :
TM : Ok , please wait for awhile
me : fast!
TM : Ok mr.9 can i have your handphone number ?
me : 999
TM : Sir , your connection are no problem.
me : But its very slow and i did speed test and it show only 0.13mbps.
TM : Have u report this through the TM website ?
me : My line too slow and cant go in your website.
TM : Ok , sir you are using wireless or lan cable
me : wireless
TM : sir , can u plug your computer to LAN ?
me : ok wait , i plug in now.
TM : Take your time sir (she enjoying for solving our problem )
me : done
TM : Ok sir , can i have our wireless model number ?
me : belkin-tlk2991
TM : Ok sir , wait me write a report for you.
[music] after 3min
TM : Sir , thk for waiting and i already wrote the report and sent to the fix/repair department.
me : and ?
TM : Sir pls remember and copy down this code and later you should give this code to the staff at fix department and they will fix for you. 19920399102
me : ok
TM : Ok sir , i will now transfer your line to our fix department.
[Welcome to TM , please apply our bla bla bla for discount......]
after 7min.
still gv me hear song,
wait more 2min.. doooooooooooo line terminate.

First ,i like to thank TM for giving me hear nice song and advertisement. TM is such a nice company with brilliant staff and awesome efficient.
When your line was suck and slow ,I highly recommend u straight go for tm point and face to face with those staff and make sure your problem are solve in the same time. 991~


  1. lol......
    GENG TM!!!!

  2. what song they played ?


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