Friday, October 29, 2010

Ipoh Hospital Fail

Our Malaysia 1st large religion Islam and their place of pray - "Masjid"  was build in front of hospital ipoh.
Great rite ? our kindly islamic everyday help those injury keep praying and praying, and those injury will wake 5/6am everyday and hear islamic sing and song.
Seriously , this was a big fail for building a masjid in front of hospital.. why islam council are so clever to do that  ?  Or they really did not know this will disturbing injury to rest or they really want Islamic pray for injury for getting well soon.. i think 1 thing for sure is.. if i was a injury i will leave this hospital as fast as possible. 991~

Advantage :
Can always enjoy their song  if you know their language.
U can think another positive side, those prayer in masjid is pray for u.
U no need to worry about super neutral like ghost , vampire or other else.

Disadvantage :
None ! Government or Islamic say yes and you cant say no @

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