Wednesday, October 20, 2010

爛~ Satu Malayia , 屌9你個死巫統

Satu Malaysia ?! 
1st of all , i like use my broken poor  english to tell you guys our country UMNO are such a fucking nausea political parties,why i am going to say this ? after the murderer prime minister announced 2011year msia pre-budget and bullshiting at stage about few hour for the fucking nonsense... the main point of this budget is spend about 50mil for the private company(again to the no name no address empty malaaaay company) for build the world highest 100 level tower and we will gonna call it warisan malaysia.. what the fuck of this murderer brain thinking about ? now the whole word economy are going bad and  whole world are getting to thrifty and reduce outcome..but as we saw this msia 2011 pre-budget, we are going to waste more and do those fucking nonsense project. At last few month the fucking bastard just announce our country will going to bankrupt when 2019, and now the umno bastard are told us they are going to waste and spend the most in msia history. Forget about the lame building, inside this nonsense budget , we can also see this bastard murderer going to increase 1% at our service tax and it will become 6% all together in our service tax.. hey guys... can u keep patient for those bastards ? inside the 2011 msia pre-budget those bastard not only gv us problem and also keep giving a good profit for their own.. all the project announce inside the pre-budget are billion in count and u can see those project are useless and do not need at all. At KL , we already have a LRT and so on,but those bastard are ready for few billion on building a subway at KL again..are those bastard brain have any problem ? at government side..our UMNO kia are very clever , they increase the birth holiday for those government worker from 60days to 90days... as you are malaysian and u will know those "malaysian" will have atleast 4-8 children in1 family.. and now they will feel fucking happy and like those bastard.. what for they are doing this action to those government workers ?! 1) they are malaysian 2)they are the most(quantity) worker at malaysia 3)UMNO need support when election 4)they are brainless , why i am saying those bastard brainless ? first of all, as we know those efficiency of our dear government already enough slow , and now they are going to increase those bitches birth holiday again.. this will cause the efficiency are getting more worst... congratulation for malaysian.. you will get better government service after this xD. as other side , our dear bastard ready for 1.6 billion on our elder allowance , 1.8billion on our whole country children allowance... u think this will enough for us ? damn no... those bastard can spend about 50b for thos fucking building and not will to spend more on those helpful allowance.. the most fucking mood less people is those people live in sarawak and sabah.. they are pay the top 5 most tax state at malaysia, but inside the 2011 fucking bore pre-budget , there are no any development and build project at sabah and sarawak..all those fucking makan rasuah project are focus on KL KL KL KL...if you are KL people... please dont be happy , those project announce by the murderer is use to give their gang makan rasuah and you will see nothing come out from the project and the money will spend, there are still many nonsense project inside the pre-budget that cant finish explain in 1 day.   Why you are still support those bastard / bitches / murderer / call cina balik china political ? we can change malaysia to the better country by our own power.. dont scare those bastard and dont let those bastard getting outlaw.. put your vote to opposition. YOU CAN CHANGE IT ~~!

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